Drone services for industry

Providing professional, reliable services

Aeria offers quality drone services to its clients in different fields of industry.

In our more than a decade-long history in the field, we have developed a solid competence in operating uncrewed aircrafts in the challenging industrial environment.


Inspection services

Drone inspection of high buildings and structures is a cost-effective alternative for manual inspection. It also eliminates all risks related to working at height.

Thermal imaging

Drone thermal imaging is an efficient way to generate thermal imaging of targets that are difficult to reach.

Surveying and mapping

Area and volume measurement, LIDAR scanning, 3D modeling, mapping, pollution and air quality measurement.

Confined and hazardous spaces

Inspection and monitoring of confined and hazardous spaces and sites, such as storage tanks, ventilation ducts, boilers and pipes, confined factory spaces and sewers.

Consulting services

We offer consulting services on the use of RPAS equipment and related safety issues.


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