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Inspection services

Drone inspection of high buildings and structures is a cost-effective alternative for manual inspection. It also eliminates all risks related to working at height.

Drones are ideally suited to monitoring and inspecting spaces with limited access. These include tall towers and structures, bridges, rooftops and fa├žades, eaves, antennas, cargo ships, power lines, power plants and chimneys, cranes, and windmills.

Drones can be used for both indoor and outdoor inspections. The on-board equipment – camera and measuring instruments – is adapted to the type of data that you want to collect. The collected data are always saved for further analysis, and repeated inspections provide an efficient way of monitoring long-term structural changes.

Drones deliver accurate and precise inspection data. Thanks to the optical zoom feature, drones are also capable of providing an up-close and detailed look at the target.

In many cases, one of the advantages of drone inspection is that it can be carried out without total or partial site shutdown.

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