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Aerial photography

Versatile drone services for media productions and live broadcasts.

We offer modern, highly-developed aerial video and photography services for the needs of the film and television industry.

Aerial imagery is often thought of as panoramic, but with the right equipment and a competent team, even closeups are possible. Sometimes you might be hard put to tell the difference between copter footage and other footage.

Our extensive gear will provide solutions for all your needs. Over more than ten years of flying experience, we have built a skill set that can take on even the most challenging tasks.

We offer our clients a reliable partner, state-of-the-art equipment and a competent, experienced team of professionals. Let us build the perfect solution for your project, whether large or small.

Our gear


Heavylifters are drones whose all-up weight exceeds 12 kilograms. The payload of the drones can be adapted to need, and they are capable of carrying any of the most typical video cameras used in film production (ALEXA MINI, RED EPIC, FS7 etc.).

Common payloads:
- Gimbals and cameras
- Lights/searchlights
- Props


Drones whose all-up weight is below 12 kilograms are classed as medium-size.

Common payloads for medium-size drones:
- Compact system cameras (video and stills)
- Light-weight cinema cameras
- 360-degree cameras (video and stills)


Drones in this class are small and compact, with an all-up weight of up to 6 kilograms. Their size makes them more maneuverable than larger drones, and their light weight enables longer flight times. Moreover, compact drones can be more freely operated in densely populated areas and city centres.


The all-up weight of light drones is under 2 kilograms. Besides being extremely maneuverable, these small drones and their accessories fit nicely in a small backpack or bag. Small drones can almost always be operated by a single person, but in terms of image quality, they don’t quite measure up to larger drones.


First-person view and racing drones were originally designed for racing and freestyle. They are extremely fast and efficient and can fly at speed even in confined spaces, tailing a swiftly-moving target. Racing drones are becoming more and more popular in media productions. They can be fitted with lighter cameras and most compact cinema cameras (RED Komodo etc.).

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