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Aeria is company specialized in aerial cinematography and video services that is able to operate anywhere in Finland.

We offer our customers a reliable partnership combined with high-end technology and an experienced team of professionals. Our services range from TV and movie productions to research and industrial operations. With our professional radio controlled equipment we provide efficient, swift and flexible solutions to various situations. No matter how large a project, let us construct a solution for a perfect result.

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Through us you can rent professional MōVI equipment and operators. MōVI gimbal systems are portable precision stabilizers for achieving extremely stable footage. MōVI offers multiple mounting methods guaranteeing endless filming options.

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Our cablecam is exceptional for tight, fast or low aerial views. Cablecam is safely operatable over large crowds both indoors and outdoors. Our cablecam is able to travel up to 80 km/h.

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Aerial cinematography

With our modern equipment we offer versatile filming services for media and industrial purposes. Our copters can be equipped according to the situation with either suitable cameras or measuring devices.

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What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography has always been an exceptional way to capture memorable moments and views. The most used methods have been real helicopters and small aircraft with high costs. The fast development of modern technology, though, has opened some new possibilities.

Today we can equip remote-controlled helicopters and planes with movie-standard cameras. These devices are fully electric and thus eco-friendly. There are also other advantages. Remote-controlled copters can reach areas that real copters can only dream of. They are small and easy to transport where ever needed, be that in the middle of a forest or an archipelago. These factors have significantly lowered the costs of aerial photography, which puts it within the reach of a private consumer.

The numerous forms of aerial photography

  • TV- and movie productions
  • Terrain and mapping
  • Research and industrial operations
  • Events
  • Real estates
  • Construction site photos
  • Real estates
  • Crop research

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